Affiliate Program

Would you like to earn 40-50 % commission for referring customers to Altavado Limited products and services? 

Our affiliate program is managed through E-junkie and we pay affiliates via PayPal within 2 weeks of each month-end. For example, the commissions for sales in February are paid by the middle of March.

There are only a few rules but we take these rules very seriously. 

1. You must have a PayPal account. This is the only way we pay our affiliates.

2. You may not purchase this product through your own affiliate link. This program was established to reward people for recommending our products and services, not as a discount mechanism. If you purchase through your own affiliate link you will not receive a commission for that sale.

3. You may not use any form of spam, including unsolicited email, to promote our products and services. Anyone caught doing so will have their affiliate account deactivated immediately and forfeit any commissions that may have been generated using such techniques. Emailing to your own opt-in mailing list is acceptable.

4. You may not misrepresent our products or your account will be deactivated. The information on our sales pages is accurate so if you keep to similar statements you will be fine. If you are not sure about something, please ask.  We can be contacted at support @ (please remove spaces in the email address).

Are you ready to get started?

1. You can sign up for our affiliate program here. If you do not yet have an account at e-Junkie you will be able to create one.

2. Please go to the specific product to obtain your unique affiliate link:

We DO NOT recommend that you use the general common link for all of our products which e-junkie recommends. The reason is that we have multiple products in various niches and hopefully you will be sending targeted traffic to a particular product.