Our first web site, Worldwide Freelance Writer, was launched in 1999 with the purpose of publishing information about freelance writing markets around the world.

At that time there were several other good writing sites devoted to freelance writing markets in North America… but very little information was available on markets in other countries. So we set up Worldwide Freelance Writer and started building a list of international writing markets.

And we’re still building it. Our market database has grown to be one of the leading resources for freelance writers looking for markets for their work. Markets Plus now lists more than 2,500 publications from all over the world.

In addition to WorldwideFreelance.com:

  • We have published a number of ebooks by several authors in the areas of writing and publishing, photography, and internet marketing.
  • We have previously designed software for freelancers. Our Quick Query Tracker manuscript tracking software was popular for several years, but is no longer available.

Our company is incorporated in New Zealand. We were headquartered in Hong Kong for several years until the beginning of 2010 when we relocated to New Zealand.

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